At Lighthouse we have 6 Core Values that underpin everything we do.

  1. GOD - because above all else this is why Lighthouse exists… to worship & glorify God.

  2. PEOPLE - because church is people and people matter to us and people matter to God.

  3. COMMUNITY - because people are not supposed to live alone and Christianity is a shared experience.

  4. DISCIPLESHIP - because success means becoming more like Jesus and being authentic in faith.

  5. MISSION - because the church has purpose; it exists for those who are far from God.

  6. CREATIVITY - because we are made in the image of our creator and everything we do in life should reflect that.


Lighthouse Church Office

10 Flower Hill

Navan, Co. Meath



Lighthouse Community Church is associated with

the Irish Assemblies of God.

Registered Charity Number: 20012816

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